At one point in the history of golf, golfers actually walked when they played the game. Golf is a walking game. It gives one much-needed time between shots, a little light exercise, an opportunity to see the golf course and the game from a walker's perspective. One of the advantages of walking is to see the green from the front. All its undulations and subtleties are visible as you walk to the green from the fairway. Try it sometime! You'll find the view of the front of the green as you're walking to it, is quite different than the view from the cart and the cart path. Knowing the ups and downs of the green from a distance is valuable information. It gives you a general sense of the green and what you are dealing with.There are two important parts to putting with Cheap Golf Clubs: line and speed. Most golfers, especially ones on TV, seem to spend all of their time on the line. That is trying to get a the line just exactly right. That's a big mistake! The reality is, the line of a putt is dictated 100% by the speed of the putt. You can make any putt straight, if you will hit it hard enough. That's not necessarily the way to make lots of putts, but it is a very true statement. The point I'm trying to make is that the speed is the most important part of putting and dictates the line. You can get a pretty good line on a putt in about a second. Getting the right speed, takes a bit longer. And with the correct speed you will make many putts with Cheap Golf Clubs . The question really is, how hard do you hit a putt We don't get a practice putt to figure out how hard to hit our real putt. That means we must properly calculate the speed before we putt the first time. You must know the speed, feel the speed and experience the speed before you putt. Is the putt uphill or downhill? That's usually quite easy to determine. But how fast is the grass? You spent some time on the practice putting green before you went to play. You should have some idea of the speed of the greens. The putting green will be faster than most of the greens on the golf course because it gets such high traffic. Consequently, you should hit uphill putts on the practice green before you play.
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