snapback diamond Every new horror rap album released by Psychopathic Records has some great merchandise associated with it, and the expectations for The Mighty Death Pop! merchandise are no different. Following standard music industry marketing practice, many ICP shirts and Insane Clown Posse hats associated with The Mighty Death Pop! have already been released and can be viewed in the online hatchet gear store. wholesale new era caps First, let take a look at the ICP shirts Psychopathic is putting out to market The Mighty Death Pop! For the time being, there are 5 ICP shirts branded with the sinister Mighty Death Pop! grin for guys. All T, and each comes in a different color that in some way makes up the face of The Mighty Death Pop! Joker Card: Purple, White, Black and Red. Yellow is the noticeable absentee right now, but will likely be added in the near future. wholesale snapback The main idea behind The Mighty Death Pop! coloring is that none of the colors appear to be harmless, but that how life is too. You could think that the most basic of daily activities is harmless, but in reality, anything could happen at any given time and your life could be taken away with a mighty death pop. Will these ICP shirts signify the same thing? Are those wearing The Mighty Death Pop! ICP shirts seemingly harmless but potentially deadly underneath? Only Juggalos will be able to decide that! bijoux louis vuitton pas cher cheap caps
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