Long grass has the effect of closing the face of the club from ping g15 irons for sale online store and decreasing the loft of the club. For this reason, the player should use a more lofted club than if the ball were in the fairway. If a player has a long distance left, the first consideration should be getting the ball out of the rough. Use of lofted fairway woods #5, #6, #7 is advisable in this situation. The long grass will decrease the loft of these clubs and the ball will actually go the distance of the less lofted fairway woods. Around the green, the player must again use a more lofted club from taylor made burner 2.0 irons for sale online shop. These types of shots are custom made for a wedge or a 9-iron. The effect of the long green will once again decrease the loft of the club. The ball will therefore fly lower and run more than if it were in the fairway. Remember to allow the loft of the club to lift the ball out of the rough! Of course, few golf courses are flat. Here are some suggestions for playing hilly lies. Take a practice swing and note where the taylormade burner 2.0 irons is striking the ground. If the club is striking the ground nearer the back foot, move the ball back in your stance; if the club is striking the ground nearer the front foot, move the ball forward in your stance. This system is the most accurate system to determine where the ball should be placed in the stance. Seldom does a player have a purely sidehill or uphill lie. This system takes all the factors into account as the practice swing is the forerunner to the actual shot. The general of thumb is to position the ball in the stance nearer the higher foot on the downhill lies, and about center on the uphill lies. On sidehill lies, position the ball left center (as you normally would). If the ball is above your feet on the sidehill lie, you will normally hit the ball straight or pull it to the left. If the ball is below your feet, most players will actually pull the ball with ping g15 irons to the left because their leg action will slow down as they try to maintain their balance. The best system for determining which way the ball will travel for you on sidehill lies is to try ten practice balls from each sidehill position and see what really happens.
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