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Swing a Golf Club the Easy Way

Utworzony przez breenda12, 27 września 2012 o 05:09
After years of playing golf and getting really frustrated at trying to improve my scoring, I subscribed to several of the monthly magazines on the sport of golf. Each time a new edition of a magazine would hit my mailbox, I would delight in reading all of the articles in it to pick up several tips on how to improve my stance, hand control, approach, follow through, etc. Then I would venture out to the course or driving range to practice my newfound skills only to be real disappointed to find that the tips didn't seem to work together! Have you ever experienced this? When you set up and approach the ball, so many things are gong through your head that it's hard to keep them straight. First, you have to think of the target line, your stance, the position of the ball relative to your left foot, and the comfort of your grip, etc. As you start into your backswing, a whole new set of issues go through your mind. The problem becomes how many issues and tips can a person think of in a second and a half that it takes to stroke the ball with clubs from heygolfer online store? I think back to the book that got me started in my childhood. "Power Golf" by Ben Hogan was required reading in my house and Dad gave each one of his kids our own copy when we reached golfing age. Because all of the components of the swing were interlaced with each other, it all kind of 'fit' together and was rather simple and straightforward. Good, basic instruction. Of course, a lot of balls have been lost since then and the game has changed so dramatically. Today's clubs and balls perform so much better and it is so much easier to control slices and hooks with the new equipment. It all still comes back to the basic golf swing with clubs from review , doesn't it? The beautiful thing is that there are so many resources available on the internet, in golf stores, and at clubhouses everywhere. I personally like to read the many e-books that are available on the internet. You can simply pay a small fee and download a book to target a specific golf swing issue. Whether your interest is in driving for more distance, controlling a slice or putting for dough, you can easily find good reference material on the subject on the internet. Most of them provide a 'system' rather than just a simple, stand alone tip. I find this is simpler to remember and to achieve consistency in than trying to assimilate lots of different 'tips' in my mind. For little more than a sleeve of good balls, you can get great information from the comfort and privacy of your home. One of my golfing buddies introduced me to this last year after 2 putting 16 holes of the round with clubs from review and whipping me like a tired mule. He had not been that good a putter in the past and I was shocked to see the improvement he made. He then related to me how he had downloaded an e-book on putting and, with a single half hour on the practice green, he was able to improve his whole putting game tremendously. I can certainly vouch for that! And he even won enough from me on that round to pay for his darn e-book! That night, I surfed the net and found his secret and now I have not lost to him since!
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