According to American media, ESPN announced the latest issue of the United States team's comprehensive strength. So popular as nfl jerseys .The list covers the four major sports league team. In this list this year, the NBA's Thunder team force pressure of the NFL Green Bay Packers rank high on the list, in the off-season and has great action of the Lakers, only is 89th. Since 2003, ESPN launch such list every year, they mainly from eight aspects of the factors to analysis the team's comprehensive situation. Including the team's results, as well as other factors, such as fans and the team hardware facilities etc.The eight aspects were BNG, FRL, OWN, AFF, STX, PLA, CCH TTR and.The cheap nike nfl jerseys maybe as a good present. In this year's ranking, apparently NBA teams won great victory. In the first five places, there are four teams from the NBA. In addition to Thunder, the Spurs (third), the PACERS (fourth) and Grizzlies (fifth).
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