The thinking goes a little further than this. O.K. you have to hit the golf ball quite a long way, middle distance or quite close. So you swing accordingly. In each case, it helps to know how the ball will behave once it lands on the green. So, you have a good look at the green before you hit your shot. Remember how I recommended that you go into slow mode when you have to play a bunker shot? Well this is part of that. You remember that you have to hit the shot with a sort of slice that passes beneath the ball. Think that this cutting action or slice, is perfected by o Hitting your golf shot from out to in and o Keeping your Cheap Golf Clubs face open. Keeping your club face open is the second big rule about getting out of a bunker. Remember, the first is hitting from out to in as just mentioned. Now, such a shot if played correctly will cause your ball to fly a bit to your right, hence you line up to the left of the hole to allow for this. The ball also will break to the right as well. Therefore looking at the contours of the green where you intend to land your ball will allow you to hit a more accurate shot.
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