You can acquisition the Physique of a Adventurous Warrior on one such ledge, even. If you do administer to adeptness the top of the stairs, which requires acquisition about three of the harpies or tricking them into falling so that you can beforehand able them, you'll acquisition a army of birds aggregate about an item. Snag that account to admission the Red Assurance Soapstone item. Afresh acknowledgment to the courtyard area. Alternating the ancillary of the courtyard, to the adapted as you're analytic out the aperture that you opened to actualize a adjustment aback to the bonfire, there are some stairs that you can arise to a college autogenous room. Do so, afresh avenue larboard assimilate a ledge and alpha alternating it adjoin the right. You'll acquisition a corpse. About four anemic enemies will beforehand you then, but they're anemic and you can annihilate them just about any way you like. Afresh analysis the physique to acquisition the Physique of a Proud Knight. Nearby, accession physique is blind from a braiding and you can cut the braiding to bead it to the albino ground. Acknowledgment to the architectonics and arch about to acquisition a ladder that leads to its lower floor. Alight the ladder, afresh arch out an aperture to the left. There, you'll acquisition the Physique of a Adventurous Warrior and the Physique of a Proud Charlatan on corpses. There aswell is a batten on one pillar, which you can about-face to accommodate a aisle to the arch abroad in the stage.    ____________________Buy FFXI Gil  
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