Each Birkin bag is the master only handmade, Birkin bag leather very stiff and delicate, however, compared to the leather version of the Kelly Bag Hermes (Hermes) handbag from the entire selection of 1,160 diamonds and alligator interwoven . . http://hermesbags001.webnode.jp When I want to jump from entry-level high-end luxury single product when the product has no place to start, because even if I go Hermes counter, but never got was two-year-long waiting list, when high taste treat it as career women use as a briefcase. Birkin because it is too popular, and because the whole hand-made, but more so the more people loved, resulting in an average now want to customize a Birkin bag to wait two years   http://outletsforsale.webnode.jp In the designer Pierre Hardy (Pierre Hardy) designed "Mini" version of the diamond Aimashibai gold package (Hermes Birkin) Hermes "Kelly" bag (Hermes Kelly Bag) package body, you can clearly see the designer even Pierre Hardy (Pierre Hardy) design of the "narrow" version of Diamond Aimashibai gold package (Hermes Birkin) 90 kt rose gold inlaid with diamonds totaling 2712. "Mini" version of the diamond Hermes "Kelly" bag is inlaid with 34 kt total of 1,160 diamonds. Package body. http://hermesbags007.webnode.gr Crocodile skin texture with the same details. Both built by the whole drill Hermes (Hermes) bags each only produced three limited edition, each bag requires 1200 hours manually. If you refer to them as luxury art, can not be overemphasized. You are not also for these stunning art and admiration? http://herveleger001.webnode.jp More Duoaimashi information, please visit blog: http://herveleger001.webnode.jp  
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