The .MOD file format is used by various digital camcorder models (I.E JVC Everio) to save their videos. These files are often accompanied by small .MOI files (See links below) which contain the videos' time-stamp information. The .MOD format is simply a MPEG2 formatted video, and if you simply wish to view the files on your computer, it is reportedly safe to rename the extension from .mod to .mpg or .avi The known camcorder models that use the .MOD format are: JVC: GZ-MG30, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG77, GZ-MG505, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG555 Panasonic: SDR-S100, SDR-S150, SDR-S10, SDR-H18, SDR-H200, SDR-H40, SDR-H60, SDR-SW20 Canon: FS100, FS10, FS11 Canon FS series camcorder shoot 720P/1080P high-definition video in MOD video format which isn't mac friendly format, if you want to want to play this MOD footage on QuickTime, edit in iMovie'11, Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Express, the most effective method is to convert FS to mac compatible video format. MOD converter for mac is suitable to all Canon FS series including Canon FS100, Canon FS200, Canon FS300 camcorder etc, which can convert Canon FS mod to mac , convert FS200 to mac, convert FS300 to mac MOV video format with fast conversion speed and good quality. It is the best solution to convert Canon FS MOD to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion supported MOV file for importing to QuickTime or iMovie, FCP X, FCE for playback and editing. Except Mac OS Lion, The software is also available Mac 10.6, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac 10.5, and Tiger etc. If your camcorder is Canon Vixia HD camcorder, Vixia camcorders record in HD M2TS file which is also not supported by Mac player and editor. I.e. iMovie'11 doesn't support Canon HF M2TS for video stabilization or Mac with an Intel-based Core Duo processor limitation. Focus on playing and editing Vixia HF HD video on Mac, we'd better canon vixia camcorder to mac iMovie MOV, Mp4, FCP(X) DV formats. To edit mod file on imovie, you can convert MOD files to iMovie'11 supported formats so you can import mod files to imovie without problem. You can learn how to convert mod to imovie : Step 1: Add MOD videos Launch the MOD to iMovie Converter and click the "Add File" button to browse your Mac hard disc and select the MOD videos you want to edit in iMovie. Step 2: Set an iMoive compatible as the output format On the lower part of the interface, you can find the Profile field. Click the Arrow to the very right of the Profile field to open the Profile down-up list. Choose "Common Video > dv" or "iMovie > .m4v /mov/ mp4" as the output format. Step 4: Convert MOD to iMovie Click on the green Start button on the lower part of the application window to start the conversion of MOD to iMovie. You can just tick the "Shut down computer after conversion" option, If you are converting a lot of files at a time and you don’t want to wait around your computer.
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