Created by legendary rap artist and producer, Dr. Dre, Beats by Dre headphones provide a premium sound experience for consumers while simultaneously offering a variety of color options; unlike other headphones, these offer better sound quality and smoother bass. Established in 2006, Beats by Dre Danmark headphones come in a variety of colors including blue, red, and green. The company was founded by hip-hop mogul Andre "Dr. Dre" Young and record producer Jimmy Lovine, and is endorsed by numerous celebrities, like Lil Wayne and LeBron James. Junior Deanne Roberts said, "They have more bass, and volume settings are a lot better than any Wal-Mart brand headphones." As of 2012, there are now six different types of Beats headphones, including the Pro, the Mixr, the Studio, the Wireless, the Exclusive, and the Solo.The Pro model of the Beats has qualities such as noise reduction; hard casing make them practically indestructible. The Beats by Dre Solo version comes with deeper bass and built-in microphone capabilities for telephone calls. With built-in surround-sound and a high quality bass system, Beats also gives athletes the chance to prepare for games without distractions. With the help of famous athletes, like James, the company is able to attract the attention of younger customers. "With celebrities, it enhances the amount of people buying the product because they see someone they idolize using the same thing as them," said Roberts. According to the Beats by Dre Studio website, the devices also include a one year warranty. It specifies that if the product experiences any technical difficulties, the company will repair the device at no charge using new or refurbished parts. The warranty system is a beneficial way to protect the company from false accusations and help the owner of the headphones. The warranty also gives the owner the choice of getting a new headphone set, or refunding the purchase price. Aside from growing in popularity over the past few years, the Beats company has also released new custom-designed Beats, with images of Spiderman, Superman, and Usain Bolt decorating the headphones, that allow individuals to express themselves. Junior Aeon West said, "They give anyone who would like to sport their favorite cartoon character or favorite country [flag] the chance to walk around in style while also listening to their music." Regardless of how people feel about Monster Beats , the fad of having stylish headphones has become a nationwide trend. "My Beats characterize me, whether its color or style. Even though some are costly, they help me perform better as an athlete as well as an individual," said Roberts.
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