Some people like to say that practice makes perfect. However, in golf you should add that perfect practice makes perfect. Many golfers go to the range and hit a bucket of balls and call that practice. This is no way to get better at golf. You need to always practice with a purpose. There is a great story about Jack Nicklaus at a tournament some time ago. People were lined up at the range to watch him practice. He came and hit about 5 balls and then started to pack up and leave. When someone asked why he was done so soon he replied that he had worked out what he came there for! You see, he had a specific objective. If that had taken him 2 hours and a hundred balls he would have stayed there that long. On this occasion it only took 5 balls and he got the result he needed so he stopped. Needless to say most golfers need more practice than Jack Nicklaus did in his prime but the pros do know what it takes to get better at golf with taylormade rocketballz irons . The point is you must practice with a purpose and focus on that purpose. If it helps write down what your goals are for the practice session and don't deviate. Are you working on alignment, stance, posture, swing plane, ball flight? Whatever it is stay focused and you will improve with taylormade rocketballz irons. Short, focused practice sessions are essential if you want to get better at golf. Stick to the objective and don't worry about everything else. If you are working on alignment then work on alignment. Don't worry about where the ball is going. You can work on that next time. Make certain that your practice is very detailed. Most amateurs start hitting balls without really knowing where they are aimed. You never see pros practice like that. They always build a practice station so they know where they are aligned or they have the luxury of a caddie or instructor behind them to see how they are aimed. It is critical to every practice session that you build a practice station by laying down taylormade rbz irons so you know where your feet, shoulders and hips are aligned. You should also lay down a club well in front of the ball so you have a visual where club is aimed as well. Alignment and posture account for a very big percentage of your ability to get better at golf. Finally, work on the swing itself. This is perhaps the hardest part to practice perfectly. The reason is that you may do several things "wrong" but still hit a very acceptable golf shot. This is where the pros do have a decided advantage. They have top caddies and instructors to watch their swings with taylormade rbz irons. These people are well trained and know when something is slightly off in the tour pros swing. As a result, they can even help tour pros get better at their golf games. Unfortunately, most golfers don't have this type of expertise. Recently there has been a trend to video taping the golf swing. This can be very beneficial if you are very knowledgeable in two areas. First you must know how and where to set up the camera. If you are off even a little it can drastically change your perception of what's going on in your swing. Secondly, you must know the golf swing very well. Are you qualified to look at your own swing and break it down so you know what to work on? Can you really help yourself get better at golf? Another option is to use a training aide that lets you know when your swing is off. There are a lot of devices on the market. For example, some of them give you audible beeps when your grip pressure changes. The best training aides give you immediate feedback and let you actually swing the club without artificial restraints or devices that you can't wear when you really play.
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