Anne said that she doesn't teach a different swing to women at all. But she did say, "I look at strength limitation in some areas of their body and try to find ways to get around the problem. I also have to do the same with men who lack flexibility or have back problems". In other words, she said, it's really an individual approach. Fair enough. Then what about fundamentals? Does she emphasize certain fundamentals with women that she might not emphasize as much with male golfers? Nope again. "I find the same fundamentals apply to women. There might be some differences but they relate more to individual characteristics than to gender based issues', she said. By now I'm getting the impression that there is One Swing and only One Swing. But, I try again. "What about when a female student asks you about how to hit the ball with Cheap Golf Clubs a long way?" I think I've got her now! Well, Anne had a sound answer for that, too. To hit the ball a long way requires a certain physical strength and ability to produce speed, she said. If a woman can't THROW a ball any distance then there's some strength work to do. But she was quick to point out that women CAN hit the bal with Cheap Golf Clubs a long way - especially for their size. "I weigh 120 pounds", she admitted, "and I can hit the ball between 245 and 250 yards". So, for distance, Anne said she looks at technical factors, physical factors and equipment which she called "a big factor". And we know how much equipment has helped the pros. Michelle Wie may be tall and her "technical factors" are pretty much perfect but she's about 300 plus yards off the tee!! And she's a skinny teenager!!
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