Maybe the titleist pro v1 are meant to be used by low handicappers, but I think that this golf balls really helps everybody.Perhaps the low handicaps get the most of it in terms of spin and control. But I'm a 18 handicap and when a I play with these golf balls the feeling in the swing is greater, they feel smooth and you can see the way the stop in the greens. Also great for making approaches and playing around the green. The new titleist pro v1 golf ball is designed for serious golfers of all levels that demand Tour-validated technology and performance. The Pro V1 provides the exceptional distance and durability golfers have counted on, and now also delivers increased spin control and a more consistent flight. The Titleist Pro V1 represents the coalescence of three of Titleist's industry leading technologies: large solid core, multi-component construction, and high performance Urethane Elastomer cover technology. Fast initial velocity, lower spin and high launch combine to produce a flatter, less arcing ascent and straight ball flight for exceptional driver and long iron distance. The trajectory profile of the New Titleist Pro V1 generates a steep angle of descent into the green and provides Drop-and-Stop performance on approach shots. The wholesale golf clubs are also your best your choice, because the reasonable price can attract. I like it very much.
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