Supermodel Miranda can be children's taste never let us down, as if the match for her just casually from a three-storey house just out of the closet as a few pieces of a single product. Accompanied by a small yellow suit MIU MIU compact and small, not only did not too boring, but relaxed elegance.     Do you think what you think luxury is still too much to ask? With the development of mass-market changes and emerging markets, luxury goods industry began to walk, the Group of course, the pursuit of profit as its purpose. However, due to defects in brand management capabilities and other reasons, many luxury luxury only keep the "name", but not the luxury of the "real" it. While others Shen Lian through the market, even the "name" has gone.   History and culture as the bearer of the brand Hermes "Birkin" bag is directly labeled "superficial vanity" label. In the eyes of these users, only the upstart would buy these things, there is no meaning and elegance at all. Hermes has always been in creating high-end cultural quality image, but Mei makes this brand look into a tool xuanfu representatives of the brand image has a very large negative impact. Adhering to the new series of accessories Hermes (Hermes) has always chic and elegant style, introduced, including canvas fight purses bag, lemon yellow bags, vibrant orange bags, milky white bags, bags and other merchandise lake blue bag with elegance package.   In addition to show off their wealth and vanity, because Mei-US events behind the complex social relationships, Hermes is also associated with bribery and corruption. In recent years, Beijing, Shanghai and other places used package stores, specializes in buying designer bags. The package will receive cash in the store to get best of both worlds. Send packets and packets received tacit understanding to jointly create a new model of corruption bribery. For more information please visit:  
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