Joaquin Phoenix officially un This weekend, the culmination of a year and a half's worth of shenanigans from Joaquin Phoenix arrived in theaters. I'm Still Here, the documentary that supposedly features Joaquin Phoenix losing his effing mind, didn't set any box office records this weekend, and despite the fact that everyone involved with the film insists that it isn't a hoax, it's just been announced that Phoenix is returning to his acting career. Coincidence? Read on, my fellow bred 11s 2012 film geeks. When Joaquin Phoenix started losing his mind and appearing obviously coked up on late night talk shows, yammering on about how he was officially retiring from acting, no one really believed him. When the documentary that covers the year and a half where Phoenix was behaving badly and attempting to transition into a rap career hit theaters this weekend, no one really showed up. And now that Joaquin Phoenix has made it official that he's un retiring from acting, no one's going to be surprised. This may be the week's most obvious bit of news. Yes, it's been announced that Joaquin Phoenix is looking to make a comeback. Of course, to classify it as a true "comeback", we'd have to assume that everything presented in I'm Still Here is fact (which it clearly isn't), so maybe this is more like a "return". Semantics, people. Anyway, here's what they're saying over at the Hollywood Reporter: " Although Phoenix has not signed up for his next role, he recently was in negotiations to star with Jeremy Renner in "The Raven," a period thriller from Intrepid Pictures and FilmNation that centers on Edgar Allan Poe. Phoenix would have played Poe. So, what's the story here? Do we need to spell it out? Joaquin Phoenix "retired" from acting like Brett Favre retired from football, or like I "retired" from drinking tequila. It's clear that the plan was always to take a year or two off in order to get I'm Still Here made, and now that it's been released, Phoenix can get a shave, take a shower, and get back to work. Here at Film Geek HQ, we're happy to hear that Phoenix is getting back to work, and we're interested to see what the ballsiest actor in Hollywood's going to do next. Let's just hope it's not another stunt project of a movie: I don't think anyone's going to have the patience to go through that again. Stay tuned for more movie news, interviews, reviews, trailers, film clips, and more here at Film Geek HQ. You can hit the "Subscribe" button up top to get all bred 11s future film related updates delivered straight to your inbox, free of charge, the moment they're published. While you're waiting on the next one to arrive, check out this clip of Joaquin Phoenix doing his best to win an Oscar in Walk The Line (and if you pause at the :32 mark, you'll get one helluva screencap): I think Joaquin has not yet dealt with things that have piled onto him since childhood. I don't pity him, but I really think that he needs the opportunity to play, think quietly, fall in love, and mourn without the media all over it. Sadly, though, the discomfort that actors get with the attention they are given becomes so commonplace that they're afraid and almost angered when they're not getting what they don't want. Joaquin wants to rap, let him. He wants to do some stupid things to his body, let him. He wants to release a crappy movie? Well, actually kind of irritating, but let him. He needs to be a human being even bred 11s for sale if that means making mistakes that he'll be writing about years later and talking about how 'he's not proud of them' before he talks about the amazing and real transition he made. If he had really made progress and had revelations, he wouldn't want attention for them from a film. He's conflicted and I think the media is feeding it. All in all, if anyone sees this shaggy, swearing, nicotine saturated soul walking slowly down the street . . . give him a nod and a smile just like you would anyone else. He needs time to be himself without trying to perform. "To reveal and conceal the artist, that is the point of art." Oscar Wilde Do neither of the above posters realize that Joaquin's last year was all part of pre marketing for this Crockumentary? Phoenix was attempting to do what Andy Kaufman did regularly, except Phoenix did it on a grander scale and kept up the facade for over a year in order to "pull it off." Unfortunately, no one bought it, well, except for gullible people like those here! It was an extended method acting exercise. But since Borat had already mined that river (pun intended), and Phoenix was a known quantity, it was tough to buy the sudden downward spiral. Even tougher when you realize jordan 11 bred he co produced the movie. Folks, wake up. It was all a gimmick.  
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