take us through an average day at work. what does a day in the life of tara gulook like?i usually get up at 5:30 am, run 5-6 miles, and get home by 7am, in time for my ten-month-old waking for her bottle. within the next two hours, i feed the baby and my two boys (ages three and five), dress them for school, have coffee and a smoothie with my husband, skim the paper, and walk the dog. post it on every social profile, your blog and your business website. be consistent and live your message by publicizing what you stand for through sharing your story.above all be human and have fun when branding yourself. share ******goldengoosesale.com/ the real you, be vulnerable, honest and to hard to project perfection. i love having friends and family come to stay. but guests can be expensive!when we lived in new york, we constantly had visitors, and they nearly always wanted to do it up during their one big weekend in the big apple. totally understandable for them, but mitch and i struggled to keep up financially weekend golden goose sale after weekend. i admire rena so much and thought it would be a good experience for me to get out of the house and work around creative people more regularly. i reached out to some of my advertisers and companies i thought might be interested in contributing as sponsors to the decor. people were surprisingly generous and it was really exciting to be able to help rena build the space and decorate it with nothing but creativity in mind. take us through a typical day in the life of the everygirl co-founders.we wake up usually between 7-8:30 (we are both night owls), walk our pups, make breakfast and coffee drinks (soy lattes for alaina, iced americanos for danielle), check the site, copyedit the newsletter, tweet the daily features, and tackle our inboxes. if we have time, we get posts up on our personal blogs, but sadly, that is few and far between. we have the interns come in two days a week, and depending on the day, conference calls or meetings, managing the editorial calendar, scheduling remote photo shoots, planning and styling shoots locally, pitching new features, picking up product, reaching out to contributors, e-mailing advertisers, handling invoices, w9s, and other paperwork, making sure questions go out to upcoming features, laying out features, and managing editorial content.
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