Lady Gaga has already embraced many ladies in his quest to become a pop star of the world's most outrageous. And now it is set to lock lips with another woman The Simpsons DVD - albeit in cartoon land. He shared kiss with Marge as she makes appearances in the animated hit The Simpsons next year. Blazing Star undoubtedly accept the extravagant look, he must show creator Matt Groening army of animators. 30 Rock DVD But the singer Poker Face also said that his character is so close to life can be cartoon.She said: ".. I play a little slut 'apple does not fall far from the tree in my art" Gaga, 25, makes its debut next year Dexter DVD , Simpsons, an episode called "Lisa Goes Gaga".Springfield Auto animated visits after learning of low self-esteem is pervasive in the city, and tries to cheer Lisa Simpson, the ability to speak and sing. Despite headlining at arenas around the world Entourage DVD , Gaga admitted she found her visit to Simpsons HQ yesterday 'a little nerve-wracking.' She added: 'I make music, but I don't do voiceovers every day of the week, and their characters are so awesomely convincing and sincere and Law and Order DVD wild and funny.
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