Impossible. One man should never write such a letter for another man. You had better give the thing in person that is, if you mean to go on with the matterI shall certainly go on with it,” said Tom, stoutlyAfter a certain time, you know, reiterated offers do, air max 90 hyperfuse you know do do partake of the nature of persecutionReiterated refusals are the sort of persecution I don’t likeIt seems to me that Ayala Miss Dormer, I mean should be protected by a sort of feeling feeling of of what I may perhaps call her dependent position. She is peculiarly peculiarly situatedIf she married me she would be much better situated. I could give her everything she wantsIt isn’t an affair of money, Mr Tringle.” Tom felt, from the use of the word Mister, that he was in some way giving offence; but felt also that there was no true cause for offenceWhen a man offers everything,” he said, and asks for nothing, I don’t think he should be said to persecuteAfter a time it becomes persecution. I am sure Ayala would feel it soMy cousin can’t suppose that I am ill-using her,” said Tom, who disliked the “Ayala” quite as much as he did the “Mister”Miss Dormer, I meant. I can have nothing further to say about it. I can’t write the letter, and I should not imagine that Ayala Miss Dormer would be moved in the least by any present that could possibly be made to her. I must go out now, if you don’t mind, for half an hour; but I shall be back in time for breakfast.” Then Tom was left alone with the necklace lying on the table before him. He knew that something was wrong with the Colonel, but could not in the least guess what it might be. He was quite aware that early in the interview the Colonel had encouraged him to persevere with the lady, and had then, suddenly, not only advised him to desist, but had told him in so many words that he was bound to desist out of consideration for the lady. And the Colonel had spoken of his cousin in a manner that was distasteful to him. He could not analyse his feelings. He did not exactly know why he was displeased, but he was displeased. The Colonel, when asked for his assistance, was, of course, bound to talk about the lady would be compelled, by the nature of the confidence, to mention the lady’s name would even have been called on to write her air max 2013+ Christian name. But this he should have done with a delicacy almost with a blush. Instead of that Ayala’s name had been common on his tongue. Tom felt himself to be offended, but hardly knew why. And then, why had he been called Mister Tringle? The breakfast, which was eaten shortly afterwards in the company of three or four other men, was not eaten in comfort and then Tom hurried back to London and to Lombard Street. After this failure Tom felt it to be impossible to go to another friend for assistance. There had been annoyance in describing his love to Colonel Stubbs, and pain in the treatment he had received. Even had there been another friend to whom he could have confided the task, he could not have brought himself to encounter the repetition of such treatment. He was as firmly fixed as ever in his conviction that he could not write the letter himself. And, as he thought of the words with which he should accompany a personal presentation of the necklace, he reflected that in all probability he might not be able to force his way into Ayala’s presence. Then a happy thought struck him. Mrs Dosett was altogether on his side. Everybody was on his side except Ayala herself, and that pigheaded Colonel. Would it not be an excellent thing to entrust the necklace to the hands of his Aunt Dosett, in order that she might give it over to Ayala with all the eloquence in her power? Satisfied with this project he at once wrote a note to Mrs Dosett. On the following morning he apparelled himself with all his rings. He was a good-hearted, well-intentioned young man, with excellent qualities; but he must have been slow of intellect when he had not as yet learnt the deleterious effect of all those rings. On this occasion he put on his rings, his chains, and his bright waistcoat, and made himself a thing disgusting to be looked at by any well-trained female. As far as his aunt was concerned he would have been altogether indifferent as to his appearance, but there was present to his mind some small hope that he might be allowed to see Ayala, as the immediate result of the necklace. Should he see Ayala, then how unfortunate it would be that he should present himself before the eyes of his mistress without those adornments which he did not doubt would be grateful to her. He had heard from Ayala’s own lips that all things ought to be pretty. Therefore he endeavoured to make himself pretty. Of course he failed as do all men who endeavour to make themselves pretty but nike air max 90 it was out of the question that he should understand the cause of his failureAunt Dosett, I want you to do me a very great favour,” he began, with a solemn voiceAre you going to a party, Tom?” she saidA party! No who gives a party in London at this time of the day? Oh, you mean because I have just got a few things on. When I call anywhere I always do. I have got another lady to see, a lady of rank, and so I just made a change.” But this was a fibWhat can I do for you, TomI want you to look at that.” Then he brought out the necklace, and, taking it out of the case, displayed the gems tastefully upon the tableI do believe they are diamonds,” said Mrs DosettYes; they are diamonds. I am not the sort of fellow to get anything sham. What do you think that little thing cost, Aunt DosettI haven’t an idea. Sixty pounds, perhaps!” “Sixty pounds! Do you go into a jeweller’s shop and see what you could do among diamonds with sixty pounds!” “I never go into jewellers’ shops, TomNor I, very often. It’s a sort of place where a fellow can drop a lot of money. But I did go into one after this. It don’t look much, does itIt is very prettyI think it is pretty. Well, Aunt Dosett, the price for that little trifle was three hundred guineas!” As he said this he looked into his aunt’s face for increased admirationYou gave three hundred guineas for it!” “I went with ready money in my hand, when I tempted the man with a cheque to let me have it for two hundred and fifty pounds. In buying jewelry you should always do thatI never buy jewelry,” said Mrs Dosett, crosslyIf you should, I mean. Now, I’ll tell you what I want you to do. This is for AyalaFor Ayala!” “Yes, indeed. I am not the fellow to stick at a trifle when I want to carry my purpose. I bought this the other day and gave ready money for it two hundred and fifty pounds on purpose to give it to Ayala. In naming the value of course you’ll do that when you give it her you might as well say three hundred guineas. That was the price on the ticket. I saw it myself so there won’t be any untruth you knowAm I to give it herThat’s just what I want. When I talk to her she flares up, and, as likely as not, she’d fling the necklace at my headShe wouldn’t do that, I hopeIt would depend upon how the thing went. When I do talk to her it always seems that nothing I say can be right. Now, if you will give it her you can put in all manner of pretty thingsThis itself will be the prettiest thing,” said Mrs DosettThat’s nike air max 1 just what I was thinking. Everybody agrees that diamonds will go further with a girl than anything else. When I told the governor he quite jumped at the ideaSir Thomas knows you are giving itOh, dear, yes. I had to get the rhino from him. I don’t go about with two hundred and fifty pounds always in my own pocketIf he had sent the money to Ayala how much better it would have been,” said poor Mrs DosettI don’t think that at all. Who ever heard of making a present to a young lady in money? Ayala is romantic, and that would have been the most unromantic thing out. That would not have done me the least good in the world. It would simply have gone to buy boots and petticoats and such like. A girl would never be brought to think of her lover merely by putting on a pair of boots. When she fastens such a necklace as this round her throat he ought to have a chance. Don’t you think so, Aunt DosettTom, shall I tell you something?” said the auntWhat is it, Aunt DosettI don’t believe that you have a chanceDo you mean that?” he asked, sorrowfullyI doYou think that the necklace will do no goodNot the least. Of  
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