I acquiesced in this observation, and inquired how he intended to proceed. At this question he rubbed his chin, and said, “Why, truly, I must be obliged to some friend or other do you know nobody that would lend me a small sum for a day or two?” I assured him, I was such an utter stranger in London, that I did not believe I could borrow a guinea if my life depended upon it. “No!” said he, “that’s hard that’s bard! I wish I had anything to pawn upon my soul, you have got excellent linen (feeling the sleeve of my shirt); how many shirts of that kind have you got?” I answered, “Six ruffled, and six plain.” At which he testified great surprise, and declared that no gentleman ought to have more than four. “How many d’ye think I have got?” continued he; “but this and another, as I hope to be saved! and I dare say we shall be able to raise a good sum out of your superfluity: let me see let me see each of these shirts is worth sixteen shillings at a moderate computation now, suppose we pawn them for half-price eight times eight is sixty-four, that’s three pounds four; that will do give me your hand.Softly, softly, Mr. Jackson,” said I; “don’t dispose of my linen without my consent: first pay me the crown you jordan 10 shoes owe me, and then we shall talk of other matters.” He protested that he had not above one shilling in his pocket, but that he would pay me out of the first of the money raised from the shirts. This piece of assurance incensed me so much that I swore I would not part with him until I had received satisfaction for what I had lent him; and as for the shirts, I would not pawn one of them to save him from the gallows. At this expression he laughed aloud, and then complained it was very hard that I should refuse him a trifle that would infallibly enable him not only to make his own fortune but mine also. “You talk of pawning my shirts,” said I; “suppose you should sell this hanger, Mr. Jackson. I believe it would fetch a good round sum.No, hang it!” said he, “I can’t appear decently without my hanger, lest it should go.” However, seeing me inflexible with regard to my linen, he at length unbuckled his hanger, and, showing me the three blue balls, desired me to carry it thither and pawn it for two guineas. This office I would by no means have performed, had I seen any likelihood of having my money otherwise; but not willing, out of a piece of false delicacy, to neglect the only opportunity I should perhaps ever have, I ventured into a pawnbroker’s shop, where I demanded two guineas on the pledge, in the name of Thomas Williams. “Two guineas!” said the pawnbroker, looking at the hanger; “this piece of goods has been here several times before for thirty shillings: however, since I believe the gentleman to whom it belongs will redeem it, he shall have what he wants; and accordingly he paid me the money, which I cheap air jordans carried to the house where I had left Jackson; and, calling for change, counted out to him seven and thirty shillings, reserving the other five for myself.” After looking at the money some time, he said, “Well! it don’t signify this won’t do my business; so you may as well take half-a-guinea, or a whole one, as the five shillings you have kept.” I thanked him kindly, but refused to accept of any more than was my due, because I had no prospect of repaying it. Upon which declaration, he stared in my face, and told me, I was excessively raw or I would not talk in that manner. “Upon my word,” cried he, “I have a very bad opinion of a young fellow who won’t borrow of his friend when he is in want ’tis the sign of a sneaking spirit. Come, come, Random, give me back the five shillings, and take this half-guinea, and if ever you are able to pay me, I believe you will: if not, I shall never ask it.” When I reflected upon my present necessity, I suffered myself to be persuaded, and after making my acknowledgments to Mr. Jackson, who offered to treat me with a play, I returned to my lodgings with a much better opinion of this gentleman than I had in the morning; and at night imparted my day’s adventure to Strap, who rejoiced at my good luck, saying, “I told you if he was a Scotchman you was safe enough and who knows but this marriage may make us all. You have heard, I suppose, as how a countryman of ours, a journeyman baker, ran away with a great lady of this town, and now keeps his coach. I say nothing; but yesterday morning as I was shaving a gentleman at his own house, there was a young lady in the room, and she threw so many sheep’s eyes at a certain person whom I shall not name, that my heart went knock, knock, knock, like a fulling mill, and my hand sh-sh-shook so much that I sliced a piece of skin off the gentleman’s nose; whereby he uttered a deadly oath, and was going to horsewhip me, when she prevented him, and made my peace. Is not a journeyman barber as good as a journeyman baker? The only difference is, the baker uses flour for the belly, and the barber rises it for the head:cheap air jordans and as the head is a more noble member than the belly, so is a barber more noble than a baker for what’s the belly without the head? Besides, I am told, he could neither read nor write; now you know I can do both, and moreover, speak Latin but I will say no more, for I despise vanity nothing is more vain than vanity.” With these words, he pulled out of his pocket a wax-candle‘s end, which he applied to his forehead; and upon examination, I found had combed his own hair over the toupee of his wig, and was, indeed, in his whole dress, become a very smart shaver. I congratulated him on his prospect with a satirical smile, which he understood very well; and, shaking his head, observed, I had very little faith, but the truth would come to light in spite of my incredulity. I go to Surgeons’ Hall, when I meet Mr. Jackson-am examined a fierce dispute arises between two of the examiners Jackson disguises himself to attract respect irises himself to attract respect is detected in hazard of being sent to Bridewell he treats us at a Tavern carries us to a Night-house A troublesome adventure there we are committed to the Round-house carried before a Justice his behaviour With the assistance of this faithful adherent, who gave me almost all the money he earned, I preserved my half-guinea entire till the day of examination, when I went with a quaking heart to Surgeons’ Hall, in order to undergo that ceremony. Among a crowd of young fellows who walked in the outward hall, I perceived Mr. Jackson, to whom I immediately went up; and, inquiring into the state of his love affair, understood it was still undetermined, by reason of his friend’s absence, and the delay of the recall at Chatham, which put it out of his power to bring it to a conclusion. I then asked what his business was in this place; he replied, he was resolved to have two strings to his bow, that in case the one failed, he might use the other; and, with this view, he was to pass that night for a higher qualification. At that instant, a young fellow came out from the place of examination, with a pale countenance, his lip quivering, and his looks as wild as if he had seen a ghost. He no sooner appeared, than we all flocked about him with the utmost eagerness to know what reception he had met with; which, after some pause, he described, recounting all the questions they had asked, with the answers he made. In this manner we obliged no less than twelve to recapitulate, which, now the danger was past, they did with pleasure, before it fell to my lot: at length the beadle called my name,jordans for sale with a voice that made me tremble. However, there was no remedy. I was conducted into a large hall, where I saw about a dozen of grim faces sitting at a long table: one of whom bade me come forward, in such an imperious tone, that I was actually for a minute or two bereft of my senses. The first question he put to me was, “Where was you born?” To which I answered, “In Scotland.In Scotland,” said he; “I know that very well we have scarce any other countrymen to examine here you Scotchmen have overspread us of late as the locusts did Egypt. I ask you in what part of Scotland was you born?” I named the place of my nativity, which he had never heard of; he then proceeded to interrogate me about my age, the town where I served my time, with the term of my apprenticeship; and when I informed him that I served three years only, he fell into a violent passion, swore it was a shame and a scandal to send such raw boys into  
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