"'Now,' said he, consider yourself tiffany sets a member of my Cabinet."' HOW LINCOLN michael kors store online WAS ABUSED. With the possible exception of President Washington, whose political opponents did not hesitate to rob the tiffany bracelets vocabulary of vulgarity cheap michael kors 2013 outlet and wickedness whenever they desired to vilify the Chief Magistrate, Lincoln was the most and "best" abused man who ever held office in the United States. During the first half of his initial term there tiffany keyrings was no epithet which was not applied to him.  One newspaper in Michael kors outlet New York habitually characterized him as "that hideous baboon at the other end of the michael kors handbags outlet avenue," and declared that "Barnum tiffany and co outlet should tiffany pendants buy and exhibit him as a zoological tiffany outlet curiosity." Although the President did not, to all michael kors outlet online appearances, tiffany cufflinks exhibit annoyance because of the various diatribes printed and spoken, yet the fact is that his life was so cruelly embittered by these and other expressions quite as virulent, that he tiffany earrings often declared to those most intimate with him, "I would rather be dead than, as President, thus abused in the house of my friends. " HOW "FIGHTING JOE" WAS APPOINTED. General "Joe" Hooker, the fourth commander of the noble but unfortunate Army of tiffany charms the Potomac, was appointed to that position by President Lincoln in January, 1863. General Scott, for some reason, disliked Hooker and would not appoint him. Hooker, after some months cheap michael kors Bags store outlet of discouraging waiting, decided to return to California, and called to pay his respects to President Lincoln. He was introduced cheap mk purses outlet as Captain Hooker, and to the tiffany jewelry outlet surprise of the President began the following speech: "Mr. President, my friend makes a mistake. I am not Captain Hooker, but was once Lieutenant-Colonel Hooker of the regular army.  I was tiffany rings lately a farmer in California, but since the Rebellion broke out I have been trying to get into service, but I find I cheap mk bags outlet am not wanted. "I am about to return home; but before going, I was anxious to pay my respects to you, and express my wishes for your personal welfare and success in quelling this Rebellion. And I want to say to you a word more. "I was at Bull Run the other day, Mr. President, and it is no vanity in me to say, I am a darned tiffany engagement rings sight better general than you had on the field. " This michael kors purses outlet was said, not in the tiffany & co outlet tone of a braggart, but of a man who knew what he was talking about. Hooker did not return to California, but in a few weeks Captain Hooker received from the President a commission as Brigadier-General Hooker. KEPT tiffany & outlet HIS COURAGE UP. The President, like old King Saul, when his term was about to expire, was in a quandary concerning a further lease of the Presidential office. He michael kors outlet stores consulted again the "prophetess" of Georgetown, tiffany necklaces immortalized by his patronage. She retired to an inner chamber, and, after raising and consulting more than a dozen of distinguished spirits from Hades, she returned to the reception-parlor, where tiffany co outlet the chief magistrate awaited her, and declared that General Grant would capture Richmond, and that "Honest Old Abe" would be next President. She, however, as the report goes, told him to beware of Chase. A FORTUNE-TELLER'S PREDICTION.    
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