not because of impulsive and mistakes.Tao intentionally wounding a case handed over in mid-April Yubei District Prosecutor's Office. Zhang Qian was a fruit knife stabbed in the stomach cause liver rupture, by the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Evidence Identification Center identified as seriously injured."Lufthansa sister" of the Prosecutor that Tao implementation of the "Criminal Law" provisions of Article 234 of intentional injury behavior, the following penalties may be sentenced to imprisonment, in line with the conditions indictment.And on the third day of the transfer of cases Procuratorate, Zhang Qian Tao came carrying kobe bryant shoes Yubei District Prosecutor's Office to find a contractor case "Lufthansa sister" prosecutor. Zhang Qian said, this thing is not the Tao one person's fault, is that you are not understanding him, to make him unintentionally make mistakes."Lufthansa sister" prosecutor Dou Tingting also conducted a number of exchanges with the Tao. Dou Tingting said Li Tao is very remorseful for his actions, I am sorry that Zhang Qian, Zhang Qian more sorry thousands of miles away Zhang Qian is serious about his parents, his girlfriend always wanted to make up for the harm his family and his girlfriend.Reporter linked to Zhang Qian's parents, they say, after the accident, Nike Kobe 8 Li Tao initiative to call and inform the matter repeatedly expressed repentance, Tao parents phoned apology. See Tao meticulous care in the hospital, but Tao honest man does good, they believe that this is just an accident, to give youth the opportunity to correction.Tao is considered minors, and turned himself in after the incident and to actively treat the victim and the victim and his family made the understanding, show repentance, Yubei District Procuratorate ultimately Tao made a conditional decision not to prosecute.May 29, the court mediation, the two sons at least once a month to visit their parents. July 2, their mother said,
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