The profit of each concrete mixer is basically fixed if concrete mixers are produced by normal standards. Or, the price of raw material fluctuates, which results in fluctuation of concrete mixer price. But this fluctuation is very small.   If the price of concrete mixer machine is too cheap, then it is possible that the concrete mixer is "refurbished". Here, we remind customers not to take blind choice because of much cheaper price. We should shop around and know more about concrete mixers and get the best product with reasonable price. For the same type of concrete mixers manufactured by different companies, the price may differ from 2000 to 5000 yuan. It makes us wonder: what makes concrete mixer price differs so much?   Here are some reasons to explain this question:   1. Concrete mixers have different models; they have big and small concrete mixers. Different models of concrete mixer have different prices.   2. Configuration is different, so concrete mixers have different prices.   3. Material used is different, which determines the conditions of later usage and the service life of concrete mixers, and the maintenance cost etc.   These factors determine concrete mixer price differs so much.   DASWELL machinery specializes in manufacturing concrete batching plant, concrete mixer, etc.
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