DASWELL DW series mini concrete mixers are widely used in small construction project and decoration for mixing mortar, and mixing chemicals and feeds, etc. At the same time, it has many good points. 1. Small volume, low investment; 2. High efficiency, good mixing quality; 3. Cost effective, labor saving. 4. With high quality tyres, convenient to move anywhere; 5. Various structures, different engines for your choice. Besides, if you want to make your mini concrete mixer better, you must pay attention to improve the innovation technology. Of course, the technology innovation we are talking about is not to make the concrete mixer’shape more beautiful, but inside the machine process transformation, let equipment more convenient, the operation of the human more apparent. In addition, the enterprise will absorb more technical personnel for equipment technology research. Many enterprises spend more in technological research than in some other departments, and technological innovation-oriented enterprises should set up good image in the customer’heart firmly, such as, enterprise image, product quality, product performance, product price, to let the customer really accept that the enterprise is one that produces high-end equipment.
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