Five tips of choosing wedding dress   1.Know yourself Many would-be brides expect herself to be a perfect bride and  draw the outline of her fantasies of perfect wedding dress countlessly, but you should put your fantasies aside. For example, please dont choose wedding dress without waist design if your body is full and dont choose dress of high collar design if your nack is not very long. You must know taht the most suitble dress is to cover  body defect and prominent figure scale rather than prominent  defect.   2.Pay attention to dress color options  It is easy for many would-be bride to ignore the clothing color and color suit when choosing dresses ,they mostly pay attention to the design of clothing , such as some girls clearly color of skin slants cold spring type skin, very suitable for cool dress, but choose the warm color, like this can foil a uneven skin tone.   3.Pay attention to match with makeup look When brides choose a dazzling dress,they often select the dress firstly , but they ignore the makeup modelling, the result is easy to make the dress and makeup modelling unmatched, for example a bride chosed a classical dress, but found that she was not suitable for the model of classical, the results is that she has to only give up.   4.Match with the groom's dress  Many would-be bride often ignored the marriage is related to two people when choosing wedding dress, and the wedding dress you choose must match with the husband's dress. We can often see the makeup of bride look good in wedding photos or the wedding studio, but the groom's dress next to dress don't fit, if your husband is not a perfect cover model, please pay attention not to be fooled by wedding dress store when choosing a wedding dress and keep in step to achieve the ideal effect of filmmaking.   5.According to the climate environment choose wedding dress Many couples choose in the spring and autumn for their wedding photos, because the two season temperature is appropriate and outdoor attractions expression effect is better. But a lot of people cant avoid summer and winter, and studio off-season price discount or service quality is better than the busy season, it will sometimes come out unexpected good effect. We will pay attention to choose light texture wedding dress in summer and pay attention to keep warm in winter, so if you really want to choose the backless that must be selected to match the shawl so we can wear warm  
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