each of the other provinces and toms outlet cities are basically led under armour outlet by the public security organs in Beijing lululemon outlet as an example in terms of Beijing is the highest governing body of the Kennel Kennel contact the conference called Beijing office, which Beijing Public Security Bureau of Beijing Agricultural Bureau, urban management, public health, disease control there are many units will contact the office, but Beijing Kennel administer local laws and regulations concerned, it is clear by the Beijing Public Security Bureau as the lead unit,so it causes a lot of cities hermes outlet we manage this dog is basically louis vuitton outlet responsible for managing ray ban outlet the public security organs. Reporter: That means the public security organs must not only fight crime, managing people had tubes dog. Shenrui Hong: Yes. Reporter: And one thing that is not only on the identity of people looking for the public security organs, the dog on the ID card is also the public security organs in the tube, and that this matter in most other countries abroad by what agency they are in the pipe? Shenrui Hong: In general, belong to a number of industry organizations or Kennel Association. Commentary: Like China,foreign pet dog is also tommy hilfiger outlet a very common phenomenon. So how michael kors outlet foreign breeding michael kors outlet dogs is required, while the relevant events for dog bites and how to deal with it? Reporter: Can you give an example for you? For example, a man in Germany, he wanted to raise a strong dogs, he can raise, but what to do before raising work. Chen Ruihong: people should be trained before him, the dog should get a (certified), which has a German Shepherd Club, to get some industry organizations for his dog one finds recognition after registration, then allowed him feeding , then it also has some previous requirements. Reporter: is the right to claim the dog.  
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