Harvey Ivan rakitic also was full of praise: "he's the King of the midfielder, is the leader of all midfielders. His contribution to football--not just in Barcelona and the national team's contribution to define him. I am grateful to share a locker room with him, I learned from him, enjoying his time playing together, compete with champions. ” On the field, Harvey and Ivan FIFA 15 Coins rakitic habits based on game situation and opponent Exchange location. Enrique said: "both players at the tactical level are very smart, they complement each other very well. "Harvey's role is not limited to on the field, he has is Puyol, another leader of this team, right now, with the support of his brother, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets, led the team. Former Spain national team, Harvey is the Assistant of Casillas, Carles Puyol, now, Xavi on Barcelona's leadership be recognized. Club staff said: "he was also leader of the floor, everyone was looking for him, and you can find him. "Xavi at Barcelona's Buy FIFA 15 Coins position is so prominent, he probably is the only fully respect players Lionel Messi. Argentina superstar has said: "no matter how I play, it's hard to play his football. "Xavi and Iker Casillas, all top players to play on the champions, 144 times. Harvey is still good on the Court, he had never had to comply with "the machine" is a nickname. Guardiola coached the first year, Harvey sent out 28 assists, making 167 times scoring opportunities for teammates, passing 0.86 per minute. He passes 0.95 per minute time this season, 2010-11 season, he averaged 1.29 times per minute passes. In terms of pass completion rate, Harvey Cheap FIFA 15 Coins never less than 90%. He said: "I really enjoyed it. "The team also gave him a good resonance," we are on the right track now, we worked hard, played very well, scores come, come. ”http://www.fifa15buy.com  
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