this is known as the binary team commission and it is based strictly on the volume of sales from their group. the more sales you make and the more members you bring on board the yoli bandwagon the bigger your share of the profits will, it is obvious that the main difference in the yoli program and other mlm opportunities is basically the products that are being offered. the commission money and bonuses are designed  traders revenge  to trickle down an inverted pyramid. those at the top levels who have been in the program the longest will realize the most profits and rewards but at the bottom level the profits will be significantly lessened.yoli may have good products to offer, but it seems as though they could just offer them at one price to wholesale distributors and let these people make their profits from their own individual sales. this would be a fair way to do business, but this option is not available with an mlm business structure.if you feel that yoli is something you want to try, then by all means, go for it. you may make a lot of money but bear in mind this will only happen if you are able to convince a number of distributors to join your team, and then they convince others to join as well. if you stop pulling in new yoli associates then your team is going to eventually collapse because when the commissions and sales start to subside it will be hard to keep the rest of the team motivated.the upside of the yoli mlm opportunity is that it does offer you a chance to try it out. who knows? this may be the opportunity that leads you on to the financial freedom that you have been hoping to many other multilevel companies, usana is built around health and well-being.  ***
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