In this unified mode, the university president has become a unified organization department appointed deployment of administrative officials, blurring of their personality, behavior and gradually standardized, and the Republic era cultural hero who has been a far cry from the image. 80 years later, China's higher education has also ushered in the reform era. 30 years, the higher education reform twists and turns, twists and turns, today, increasingly become the focus, the focus of criticism. Nevertheless, the inventory of the thirty years of history, at least three university presidents to their personality, courage and practice, and promote the development of Louis Vuitton For Sale Chinese contemporary higher education, it is worth bearing in mind. They are the former president of Wuhan University President Must former Shanghai University chang, and the current president of South University of Technology ZQ. "Eternal president" President Must three decades China is undoubtedly the history of higher education around the past name. In 1981, 48 years old, he was appointed president of Wuhan University, People's Daily published the message then said: "He is the liberation of our students to train themselves in the first person as president, but also a national key ACCESSORIES university in the youngest principals. " This appointment is itself new channels initiative. President Must really does not live, eight years in power, he vigorously implement a series of reforms: the credit system, the main minor system, dual degree system, for admission system, turn professional system, mentoring, and the third semester, student loans system , etc., so that became the 1980s, Wuhan University "Higher Education in Shenzhen on the front," talent, leading the trend. His pioneering work of these reforms, many Chinese universities has become widely practiced system. In teaching reforms,
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