The camp ground, occupied by the 1st Brigade, was low, unsheltered from the sun, and cheap jordans shoes unfavorable to health. Two or three days after Sherman's departure, the brigade was permitted to take an eligible position in the northern suburbs of the town.  This new camp was in a beautiful grove, on the premises of Kenneth Kaynor, formerly a prominent southern Congressman. The regiment lay immediately in rear of the mansion. This change was a marked improvement on the former camp, and was followed michael kors handbags outlet by an increase of comfort and a better state of health. On an unoccupied lot adjoining Mr.  Raynor's, Division Head-quarters air jordan 2013 were established. The green-sward and the shadow of a air jordan shoes venerable wide-spreading oak, such as we saw S only in Raleigh, rendered the place very inviting. It seemed additionally pleasant to several young men at Head-quarters, on account of iti contiguity to Mr. Raynor's, the porch of whose residence was not unfrequently the resort of the Misses Raynor michael kors outlet online and their female friends. " Young eyes will meet young eyes, Young hearts will meet youn g hearts," and accordingly, interviews between those ladies and the unmarried Yankee officers, and the formation of an acquaintance, were inevitable.  Frequent and mutually agreeable conferences soon followed, and " All went merry as a marriage belL" But alas! there are affairs which never do run black grape 5s smooth. This happy triplicate flirtation was suddenly and sadly terminated in the following manner  One evening jordan shoes outlet while Maj. C, Capt. L., and Capt. M., of Div. Staff, were spending a pleasant hour in Mr. jordans for sale Raynor's parlor, I think pursuant to invitation, and while "joy was cheap jordan shoes unconfined," the company michael kors outlet was unexpectedly augmented by the abrupt entrance of several native beaux, in tinseled gray, just "mustered out" of Johnston's army by michael kors purses outlet Gen.  Sherman !!! Fancy black grape 5s sale the embarrassment! Our officers, doubtless, felt unpleasantly at being the unwilling witnesses of wounded pride. Th e rebel officers experienced an acute realization of the presence of their conquerors, Jordan Shoes For Sale and disappointment at finding their fair favorites michael kors store online entertaining those detested Yankees, whom, at michael kors outlet stores the late parting, they had so eloquently anathematized. The ladies were still more perplexed. Their former associates, whom they esteemed, had discovered, in their conduct, an indication Cheap jordan shoes outlet of a lack of con-. stancy, or at least a want of fidelity to the Confederate cause.    
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