Premier League has begun. Four Kings - Manchester Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes   , Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool - are seeking the title of the 2008-09 season. What will be among the greats? The current champion is the ability to renew the title? We will analyze the current owners Champions - Man U.    So what defines the season for Manchester United?    Ø Side Kick: ah, this is inevitable, not to mention Manchester United in the offseason to solve a problem: the problem of Cristiano Ronaldo, he is. Does anyone really believe that excessive and solve this problem? No, not much. Why? - You may ask. Indoor Nike Cleats   simple, because although it is still a player in MU, the head has been in Madrid, where the sun shines all year round (not just mean season 9 months) there is much to say about this subject, I will again, this is an opportunity in the future to ensure that now, we will discuss this again soon.    Ø internal recycling talent: MU since the end of last season did not hire new players at the club. However, this does not mean everything is the Nike Mercurial Victory   . Be sure to return Fraser Campbell has been loaned to Hull City, Mu also promoted their large sign young Brazilian players: twin brothers Fabio da Silva (left) and Rafael Da Silva (back). On these two, Ferguson said: "They are sensational!     
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