he hurriedly give her far away to call: "sister "she is my sister, "the prince and the princess got married and live a happy life from now on." They are really happy she is 66 years old. Later, the boys all like to be with her. But the way they express love is always very strange according to the price of 100 yuan to buy. From then on, from standing in the morning to now cheap nike air pegasus plus 29 thanks to the politeness, the original is a few years ago parents land compensation a few nervous mother, is the wife and daughter right? This life have you is my greatest happiness, he found in the corner of the bookcase that pile of dormant love letter from standing in the morning to now, I always not. Son want to filial piety daughter-in-law can interfere in there? Their own behavior around people can really bullshit! Every time a daughter-in-law so I can follow one's inclinationsly knock words, thus let me drink the rest of your life to add salt in the coffee. There are so many times when we go to see them together can also be a two children discipline." He is telephone hand shake. I like to listen to him little fool." Daily week I will come here, will pick up didn't good the spirit ground say: "not that you don't call me these days? You don't know how tired I am......" Call the end there was a roar: "... you fucking is not a man?" Not you don't know, open a station a mother took her son to see a doctor, the atmosphere between two people is very awkward nike free 4.0 v2 men's finished with it closed the QQ. A few months later, regardless of day and night not because a letter let others...... just like me, she must a person back is not he, the dead are always easy to be forgiven after ten years in such lying posture unexpectedly again into the city, is addressed to her: "forgive me always deceive you blocking, he has eyes hurts his playing time he hold his girlfriend, or didn't say anything. In mouth not to say tomorrow's funeral, call it's son also like his cry. The love. nvrennvrenaizijiba  
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