North Carolina NCAA finals Villanova reversed Jenkins won the game-winning three-   NCAA men's basketball championships staged battle, University of North Carolina (1th seed) and Villanova University (2nd seed) is a Guild Wars, mt 2K16 in the end, Villanova 77-74 winner of the University of North Carolina, top of the top us again after 31 years, and obsessed with ball coach Jay Wright finally dream stage. Four tournament most outstanding player acquired by Arcidiacono.   Villanova University Arcidiacono had 16 points, 12 points, 8 rebounds, Hart. North Bailey scored 20 points, Peggy 21 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists.The final is experiencing challenges on both sides, in particular, Villanova University, they beat the 1th in America University of Kansas, and North Carolina through relatively high ranked seed is not encountered on the road, the highest only a 5th place at Indiana University. From the forecast before the game amid relatively optimistic about the North Carolina win.   After the game, both sides played very intense opening couple of rounds have not done. The Villanova University to win you must continue excellent perimeter firepower, and North Carolina wanted to win you have to play a height advantage. However, the first to open outside North Carolina, Joel Berry hits of 2-3, Jenkins returned the Villanova University after a layup, you come to me on both sides, scores continue to rise. Villanova University Arcidiacono even 5 hours, plus a steal, but break-3 did not continue to hit, Villanova University to set up a small advantage. Homepage  
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