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Whatinto the Hazlewoods’?’ said the pilot. Nanathat’s but idle clashes; every Sabbath dayas regularly as it came rounddid the young man ride hame wi’ the daughter of the late Ellangowan; and my daughter Peggy’s in the service up at Woodbourneand she says she’s sure young Hazlewood thinks nae mair of Miss Mannering than you do Bitterly censuring his own precipitate adoption of a contrary beliefBrown yet heard with delight that the suspicions of Julia’s fidelityupon which he had so rashly actedwere probably void of foundation. How must he in the meantime be suffering in her opinion? or what could she suppose of conduct which must have made him appear to her regardless alike of her peace of mind and of the interests of their affection? The old man’s connexion with the family at Woodbourne seemed to offer a safe mode of communicationof which he determined to avail himself. Your daughter is a maid-servant at Woodbourne? I knew nike air max skyline Miss Mannering in Indiaandthough I am at present in an inferior rank of lifeI have great reason to hope she would interest herself in my favour. I had a quarrel unfortunately with her fatherwho was my commanding officerand I am sure the young lady would endeavour to reconcile him to me. Perhaps your daughter could deliver a letter to her upon the subjectwithout making mischief between her father and her?’ The old mana friend to smuggling of every kindreadily answered for the letter’s being faithfully and secretly delivered; andaccordinglyas soon as they arrived at Allonby Brown wrote to Miss Manneringstating the utmost contrition for what had happened through his rashnessand conjuring her to let him have an opportunity of pleading his own causeand obtaining forgiveness for his indiscretion. He did not judge it safe to go into any detail concerning the circumstances by which he had been misledand upon the whole endeavcured to express himself with such ambiguity thatif the letter should fall into wrong handsit would be difficult either to understand its real purport or to trace the writer. This letter the old man undertook faithfully to deliver to his daughter at Woodbourne; andas his trade would speedily again bring him or his boat to Allonbyhe promised farther to take charge of any answer with which the young lady might entrust him. And now our persecuted traveller landed at Allonbyand sought for such accommodations as might at once suit his temporary poverty and his desire of remaining as much unobserved as possible. With this view he assumed the name and profession of his friend Dudleyhaving command enough of the pencil to verify his pretended character to his host of Allonby. His baggage he pretended to expect from Wigton; and keeping himself as much within doors as possibleawaited the return of the letters which he had sent to his agentto Delaserreand to his lieutenant-colonel. From the first he requested a supply of money; he conjured Delaserreif possibleto join him in Scotland; and from the lieutenant-colonel he required such testimony of his rank and conduct in the regiment as should place his character as a gentleman and officer beyond the power of question. The inconvenience of being run short in his finances struck him so strongly that he wrote to Dinmont on that subjectrequesting a small temporary loanhaving no doubt thatbeing within sixty or seventy miles of his residencehe should receive a speedy as well as favourable answer to his request of pecuniary accommodationwhich was owingas he statedto nike air max 2013+ his having been robbed after their parting. And thenwith impatience enoughthough without any serious apprehensionhe waited the answers of these various letters. It must be observedin excuse of his correspondentsthat the post was then much more tardy than since Mr. Palmer’s ingenious invention has taken place; and with respect to honest Dinmont in particularas he rarely received above one letter a quarter (unless during the time of his being engaged in a law-suitwhen he regularly sent to the post-town)his correspondence usually remained for a month or two sticking in the postmaster’s window among pamphletsgingerbreadrollsor balladsaccording to the trade which the said postmaster exercised. Besidesthere was then a customnot yet wholly obsoleteof causing a letter from one town to anotherperhaps within the distance of thirty milesperform a circuit of two hundred miles before delivery; which had the combined advantage of airing the epistle thoroughlyof adding some pence to the revenue of the post-officeand of exercising the patience of the correspondents. Owing to these circumstances Brown remained several days in Allonby without any answers whateverand his stock of moneythough husbanded with the utmost economybegan to wear very lowwhen he received by the hands of a young fisherman the following letter:— You have acted with the most cruel indiscretion; you have shown how little I can trust to your declarations that my peace and happiness are dear to you; and your rashness has nearly occasioned the death of a young man of the highest worth and honour. Must I say nike air max tn more? must I add that I have been myself very ill in consequence of your violence and its effects? Andalas! need I say still fartherthat I have thought anxiously upon them as they are likely to affect youalthough you have given me such slight cause to do so? The C. is gone from home for several daysMr. H. is almost quite recoveredand I have reason to think that the blame is laid in a quarter different from that where it is deserved. Yet do not think of venturing here. Our fate has been crossed by accidents of a nature too violent and terrible to permit me to think of renewing a correspondence which has so often threatened the most dreadful catastrophe. Farewellthereforeand believe that no one can wish your happiness more sincerely than This letter contained that species of advice which is frequently given for the precise purpose that it may lead to a directly opposite conduct from that which it recommends. At least so thought Although the price of provisionsetc.was then very moderatethe discharging his lodgingsand the expense of his livingtogether with that of a change of dresswhich safety as well as a proper regard to his external appearance rendered necessarybrought Brown’s purse to a very low ebb. He left directions at the post-office that his letters should be forwarded to Kippletringanwhither he resolved to proceed and reclaim the treasure nike free 3.0 which he had deposited in the hands of Mrs. MacCandlish. He also felt it would be his duty to assume his proper character as soon as he should receive the necessary evidence for supporting itandas an officer in the king’s servicegive and receive every explanation which might be necessary with young Hazlewood. If he is not very wrong-headed indeedhe thoughthe must allow the manner in which I acted to have been the necessary consequence of his own overbearing conduct And now we must suppose him once more embarked on the Solway Firth. The wind was adverseattended by some rainand they struggled against it without much assistance from the tide. The boat was heavily laden with goods (part of which were probably contraband)and laboured deep in the sea. Brownwho had been bred a sailorand was indeed skilled in most athletic exercisesgave his powerful and effectual assistance in rowingor occasionally in steering the boatand his advice in the managementwhich became the more delicate as the wind increasedandbeing opposed to the very rapid tides of that coastmade the voyage perilous. At lengthafter spending the whole night upon the firththey were at morning within sight of a beautiful bay upon the Scottish coast. The weather was now more mild. The snowwhich had been for some time waninghad given way entirely under the fresh gale of the preceding night. The more distant hillsindeedretained their snowy mantlebut all the open country was clearedunless where a few white patches indicated that it had been drifted to an uncommon depth. Even under its wintry appearance the shore was highly interesting. The line of sea-coastwith all its varied curvesindenturesand embaymentsswept away from the sight on either handin that variedintricateyet graceful and easy line which the eye loves so well to pursue. And it was no less  
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