make a phone call greet these trivial actions will make another feel warmth and peace of mind. force "Huijia look" but almost no execution may on July 1, the newly revised "elderly Protection Act" effective date , Beitang District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, a public hearing with the maintenance court case, the court ordered the parties that our children must go home once every two months to visit the elderly, or it may be enforced in addition to a detention, which is "Huijia look" into law after the first case was argued that the elderly do not see a crime, be detained up this regard Shanghai shox online Alliance Industry Law Firm lawyer Wang Zhan considered public misreading "Huijia look" almost no the possibility of court enforcement. "Our laws in the face of abuse, maltreatment of the elderly this positive behavior can be forced to stop and accountability, but do not go home to visit the elderly in this negative behavior, it is difficult to enforce. Popular point that, even if the court child home once a month, but the children refused to back it, the court can not take a rope tied to their children back home. " Wang Zhan said that as detention, NIKE HYPERFUSE SHOES this is the worst outcome," If all detained, indicating that parents and children have decorum, the relationship has been irretrievably damaged to the point. "Only 10 days old Xiaojie (a pseudonym) in a crowded coach journey, the body suddenly appeared strange, tragic death. During this process, the driver did not take her directly to the hospital, but her temporary guardian and placed in the nearest highway exit, it is therefore The company was recognized for Xiaojie passenger's death bear some responsibility.
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