Along with the accelerating pace of development of human civilization and the increasingly scarce of limited natural resources, how to make use of existing resources is a problem that industries have to consider. As a concrete mixing plant manufacturers, we have recognized that the future of batching plant will be mainly about high productivity, high quality, high technology competition and energy conservation, besides, the emissions reduction will be the trend of the development of the whole industry. To achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, the first thing is significantly to reduce the power of required equipment, reduce the weight of the equipment, save material and improve the performance of equipment. From the traditional idea that earning maximum profit with the minimum investment into the idea that with creating the biggest value with the least amount of resources. For those parts that are easily damaged, we can prolong the lifecycle of the product by repairing and remanufacturing. Of all the features of parts, the maintainability and remanufacturing function of scroll parts can reduce the maintenance cost of the host and make full use of high quality alloy steel. Remanufacturing is an effective way to realize the transformation and upgrading of industry and build an energy-efficient and environment-friendly societ; what is more, it is to determine the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry in the future.
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