The core equipment of the concrete mixer as concrete batching plant and stabilized soil mixing station, many of its kind, divided into compulsory concrete mixer drum concrete mixer. Concrete mixer mixing cement, sand, aggregate and water mix and made of concrete mix machinery a timely manner, in order to ensure the reliability of the machine work, reduce the wear of machine parts and power loss, all kinds of concrete mixer lubrication. In particular, hydraulic concrete mixer drum concrete mixer and ladder-type mixer. The lubricating work is to be carried out in accordance with the following tips. The gears and bearings in the gearbox of the concrete mixer is the use of gear rotation oil splashed onto the casing inner wall, and flows into the bearing to be lubricated. Gearbox oil level should be maintained between two engraved lines of the oil gauge is appropriate. The oil level is too high or too low will lead ministries elevated temperatures or poor lubrication, increase power loss and resulting in poor machine work. The new machine began to use the first 150 hours and 300 hours respectively replace oil, in order to rule out the trial run is not completely wash the dirt. Work, you should always check the oil level, deficiencies should be timely to fill. DASWELL machinery specializes in manufacturing concrete batching plants, concrete mixers, etc.
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