Quarter, Andre Iguodala is averaging 7.8 points and finals, averaging 16.3 points and 5.8 rebounds and 4 assists. Supporters said: "Andre Iguodala played the whole season with soy sauce, for the finals, hidden too deep. NBA 2k16 MT "So far this season, Andre Iguodala scoring average continues to fall to 7.3 points, hiding deeper. Boss behind the scenes like this, we're going to dig them up, some of the data may reflect the powerful Andre Iguodala, as evidenced by his 39 games at least 5 minutes, the Warriors lost just 1 games; another example on January 19 34 massacred Knights games, got 20 points from Andre Iguodala 8-7 in, return to the final peak.   Of course, he is worth far more than this score, "Andre it's too smart," Braves bench inside sibeici said, "as long as he did, he will tell us all how to play, how the offense should run. "Such of views not sibeici a a people has, de pulled cast de-Green also said:" this is is obviously of thing, has Iraq Ge Dala of we is better of team, he not only can defense many location, also always appeared in other of Defense route Shang, he can let other of passing mess into a pot paste, and in attack end, he on we of influence is subtle of, even he himself cannot scored. ”   Other data supporting Green's statement, even though Andre Iguodala is averaging only 7.3 points. He was present when the Warriors shot 49.1%, three-point shooting 41.9%, without the presence of his two drop to 44.7% and 34.4%, when he was present when warriors attack errors than to 1.93, and when he was not present when the data is only 1.55. In other words, Andre Iguodala smoother presence can bring the Warrior's attack, the ball can be the more appropriate time, appeared in the hands of better players. www.nbamtcoin.com  
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