According to the plan of HTC, the mobile manufacturer will release the latest flagship HTC mobile on February 19, 2013 named HTC One. Also known as HTC M7, HTC One is said to be designed to challenge Galaxy S IV, the rumored new flagship mobile from Samsung that is believed to come in March. Unlike Sony Xperia ZL who surprises the world for being a monster mobile with waterproof feature, HTC One wins applauses for being a mobile with high performance. As an Android mobile gaining 4.7-inch display running at 1080p, HTC One lags other mobiles far behind in terms of pixel density. Moreover, the 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor in HTC One is almost the best CPU an Android mobile can sport. (Want to play SWF on iPod touch ?) Why can't users play Flash on HTC One? The fact that HTC One is an Android 4.1 powered mobile has hinted that Adobe Flash Player is in no way supported by the monster HTC mobile. As a consequence, viewing Flash on HTC One directly will be just a fancy story. Moreover, other factors like the immaturity of HTML 5 technologies have contributed to the situation that no powerful alternatives to Adobe Flash Player are provided in Google Play. As a consequence, users often need to spend long time figuring out a method to play Flash SWF on HTC One. How to view Flash on HTC One? Currently speaking, the most common way for users to view Flash movie on HTC One is to convert Flash to HTC One video. Of course, to make sure the conversion process works, a powerful Flash to HTC One converter is needed. To this extent, Windows users are recommended to use this SWF to MP4 Converter to convert Flash SWF to HTC One video while Mac users to use SWF Converter Mac First, Install and launch this program on your computer Second, Import SWF by clicking "Source" button Third, choose the output format as MP4 or HTC Finally, click "Capture" and then "Start" to begin the conversion. More Topics you may interested in: How to Convert SWF to HD Video How to Convert SWF to 3GP How to Convert SWF to Webm
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