What to Get for a Teen Interested in Game Design Game design is the process of creating cheap christian louboutin heels games. It includes making the rules, planning playing fields, creating game boards or programming interactive computer games. From games that school children can play to massive multiplayer online christian louboutin pumps for cheap games, game design is a lucrative career for an imaginative youngster. Gifts for a teen interested in game design can include technical tools, books, age and interestappropriate games, targeted summer camps, classes, and opportunity for a variety of activities. A Working Computer  Your teen's first gamedesign computer doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to include some christian louboutin outlet essentials. Pass by the fancy lights and sleek finish, and focus on a durable machine that includes features like spillresistant keyboards. Purchase one with a highend processor, such as an Intel duo core, with 2.2 GHZ. He will need a harddrive with large capacity, at least 30 gigabytes, and a terabyte is better. Start with at least 4 gigabytes of RAM. Unusual card or board games make a good gift. Games such as Pass the Pigs, Stratego, Axis and Allies, or Munchkin appeal to teens and provide a model for developing complex games. They can also be a lot of fun for your teen to share with likeminded youngsters who gather to discuss and play games. Your future game designer will need ideas to put into games. These can include works of fiction, reference materials about the world around him and, of course, books about computers and game design. They can be bound or they can be ebooks. An ereader could give him a library that would easily fit into a pocket or backpack, and provide hours of information and entertainment. Many games, such as World of Warcraft, have spawned short stories and novels about the game world characters christian louboutin flats on sale and events. Computer Summer Camps If you are lucky enough christian louboutin daffodile to live near a college campus that sponsors summer gamedesign camps, this would be an ideal gift for christian louboutin pigalle pumps a teen interested in game design. For example, Emagination hosts weeklong summer camps in Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania, cheap christian louboutin shoesConnecticut and Massachusetts. Teens can attend these camps as a traditional awayfromhome camp or as a day camp. Emagination offers a balance of computer activities and other types of game activities, designed to encourage habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle for future game designers. Online Design Courses For gaming enthusiasts who do not have access to a gamedesign summer camp, visit online gaming sites that are intended to train youngsters to design games and include online gamedesign instruction. For example, Gamestar Mechanic is both a game and an online gamedesign workshop. The basic game level is free. All players need to do is register. Added levels and classes require a fee. Other programs, such as Scratch and Kodu, are christian louboutin peep toe also completely free. cheap christian louboutin outlet Some college campuses might offer preview courses for high school students.
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