You've saved tons of cool clips from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. right? So have you ever thought of enjoying them on your Android smartphone or smart tablet like Galaxy S3, Nexus 10, HTC One X, etc. anytime and anywhere you want? If that's the case, one thing would fuss you lots is all Android gadgets cannot play back these video files. What's wrong? Well, that is just because video files getting downloaded from those noted video sharing sites are mainly in FLV format, which is not recognized by all types of Android smartphones and smart tablets. So that means you only have to count on your computer to enjoy videos in FLV format? Surely not! In this article I would show you 2 best solutions to let you watch FLV videos on your Android tablet or mobile directly: one is working with a FLV to MP4 converter to change the video format, and the other is to take use of free FLV player for Android to make FLV videos playable on your Android mobile or tablet directly. Keep reading. 1. Watch FLV on Android by converting FLV to MP4 video In fact, falling back on a FLV to MP4 video converter is the widest used solution to play downloaded FLV videos on Android tablets or mobiles. You can work with this FLV to MP4 converter to convert FLV to MP4 file that is recognized by all Android tablets and smartphones. If you are now wondering how to do the FLV to MP4 conversion, following tutorial would be of much help. Here comes step-by-step guide on how to make use of the FLV to MP4 converter to do the FLV to MP4 conversion. Once you make this FLV to MP4 converter downloaded, installed and run on your computer, you can hit "Add Video" tab to load the FLV files to program. Then, you have to head to the "Profile" menu to select MP4 as the output from "Common Video" box. Now, just click the base-right tab "Convert" to start to convert FLV files to MP4 files. When conversion is ended, it's your turn to upload all transcoded FLV files to your Android tablet or phone for unlimitedly entertainment. 2. Resorting to Android FLV player to play FLV on Android tablet or mobile If you are the one that tend to enjoy FLV video file on Android phone and tablet without conversion, in fact you can take use of an Android media player which fully supports FLV video playback. You'll notice a variety of FLV video players for Android phone and tablet around currently, and a large amount of results would come into the sight as just seeking for one video player. Personally, I never suggest those so- called best FLV player yet with weak features. I did lots of researches and these ones, which include MX Player, Mobo Player, BS Player Free, Real Player, FLV Video Player, Rock Player, VPlayer, are definitely the greatest FLV video players for Android phone and tablet at this moment. You could give them a try and juice up your Android smartphone or tablet with those awesome free FLV player apps. Actually, Differnt people have differnet needs. Why not select the the most appropriate way to effortlessly watch FLV videos on your Android tablet or mobile.
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