Nike Tiempo Mystic IV AG football shoes purchased from America are the legend mid-level cowhide football shoes. Now we share with you this shoe which has soft leather, good package and standard sizes. Nike Tiempo Mystic IV AG is very suitable for artificial lawn, and it also has good grip ability and high speed of commence. Experience: the leather is really soft. Nike is so nice that it has good workmanship and high performance cost ration. The shoe has well rounded bottom, high heel, good package and good protection to the heel. Nike Tiempo Mystic IV has the same leather of Mercurial collection which can adjust to 2-3 match and is not rubbing.  The comfortable and cheap Nike Tiempo Mystic IV AG football shoes for men are smooth, bright and delicate shape. And I like the color of the lace. The outsoles of Nike Tiempo Mystic IV AG are specially suitable for domestic artificial lawn and can provide good grip ability. The only shortcoming is that if the lawn is too rough, the outsoles will be easily worn out after wearing for a long time. The remark with red and white colors is the focus point. The steal seal on the outsoles and the beautiful orange remark. If you like shoe with leather, don't hesitate to buy it. In general, this shoe actually likes Moreliall. Its shoe tree is a little wide, and the shoe has soft leather and good package. The nails are not long, but light-weighted. Nike Tiempo Mystic IV AG is vintage but has fashionable performance. It's a good pair of shoes worth recommending.
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