By far the biggest advantage of concrete counters is their versatility. Unlike natural stone, which may have flaws or blemlight and heavy calcium carbonate specific differences and applicationsishes that cannot be corrected or worked around, concrete counters can be fully customized. Kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, and other counters can be made into nearly any shape, color, or texture you desire, making them an excellent aesthetic choice as well as a fantastic option for rooms that have unique dimensions or layouts. Elements such as glass, wood, stone, or metal can be inlaid into concrete allowing for full artistic control over the final appearance of the counter. Custom drain boards, integral sinks, and removable cutting boards are just some of the design features that are possible. Impressions can also be made in concrete while it is hardening so that the final product has designs or outlines of items such as leaves, shells, or wood. Any color is also achievable, from the completely ordinary, to the completely custom. Thanks to new mixes and sealing techniques, concrete is incredibly stain-resistant, durable, and strong. With proper care and maintenance, such as cleaning up spills, not placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface, and not using harsh chemicals, your countertops should continue looking great. Also, concrete is no more likely to crack or chip than granite, and concrete is repairable, where granite is not. That said, the mix and design process we use virtually eliminates the risk of cracking in our concrete counters. In the unlikely event that something was to happen, the synthetic nature of concrete counters means that they are more repairable than granite or marble. Any damage done to concrete is completely repairable, or made to look like part of the original design. This means that damaged concrete counters garner more character instead of needing replacement! One of the newer techniques available is the use of decorative fiber reinforced concrete (D-FRC). This special mix allows for thinner counters than more traditional types of concrete, thus reducing the weight of the finished piece. You can still incorporate a drop-down edge to achieve the look of a thick concrete counter, but without the added weight the need to reinforce your cabinetry is eliminated. Concrete counters are an excellent choice for both commercial and in-home applications, such as bars, restaurants, kitchen counters, and bathroom vanities. Lastly, concrete's durability makes it well suited for high-use areas, but it also adds a creative aspect to any space, be it professional or to separate gold flakes from sand integrated steel supply process flow diagram gypsum mineral mining and quarry equipment
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