Red star heavy industry according to the dolomite widely used by the company's many special grinding machine experts developed MTM medium speed trapezoid mill,Impact crusher not only for further processing of dolomite has many advantage using, more of the developrocessing plant for chalcopyritepment of the society to create great contribution! Dolomite is carbonate mineral, iron and manganese respectively--dolomite dolomite. It crystal structure as calcite, often with a rhombohedrons side body. Encounter cold when the bubble rare hydrochloric acid slowly. Some in the cathode ray--dolomite issued orange light Dolomite is comprised of dolomite and white clouds the main mineral composition of limestone.Stone production line Dolomite can be used for building materials, ceramic, glass and refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving, etc. Mainly used as the basic refractory and flux of the blast furnace ironmaking; Production GaiMeiLinFei and magnesium sulfate from;China dryer And the production of glass and ceramics of ingredients MTM medium speed T shape mill and the traditional vertical mill compared with incomparable advantage, the application of a number of national patent technology latest grinding machine, the design is novel, reasonable structure, cover an area of an area small, low power consumption, operation and long life, parts, low cost,Dryer machine high performance-cost ratio. The technical performance achieved the international first-class leading level, and Raymond grinding, the ball mill, the high pressure roller suspension grinding mill traditional compared with five technology advantage: 1, improve crushing efficiency the ladder-shaped rollers and ring mill. This machine will roll grinding and ground ring design in inverted trapezium,China dryers which reduce the grinding roll and ground ring material's slip velocity between, extending a to material rolling time,Ball mills improve crushing efficiency. 2, use can play the role of boosting pressure balance spring and smooth damping effect can have the flexibility of the coupling. The machine USES lever principle, will be symmetrical grinding roll assembly of the spring with a horizontal position through bars together, when large materials top place a grinding roll assembly, the radial force can be through the spring bars to the symmetrical grinding roll assembly to balance and the conditions, the whole point of the device and other than force products up about 40%;Concentrator table And the connection device is reduced the vibration and noise, to avoid the resonance. 3, equipped with can improve the accuracy and high density choose powder products of classifier impeller. Practice showed that, in the speed under the condition of invariable, improve the density of leaf can improve the fine degree of finished product, in other words, in the final fineness don't need to change the situation, high density impeller than low density impeller low speed, reducing the airflow resistance, the same power finished product yields down more than 50%. 4, with high efficiency and energy saving centrifugal induced draft fan. Traditional grinding machine with straight blade the efficiency of the old fan is only 62%, while impeller and blade are both stamping the efficiency of the energy saving induced draft fan for more than 85%. 5, fast and convenient impeller adjusting device. Classifier leaves at the end of the gap and shell size also effects fineness. This patent technology makes adjust the clearance size easily and quickly. 6, unique design within the duct to tilt, ensure that blend into the nest shell into the materials in the smooth along the inclined plane fall into in grinding machine in pit crushing and conveying instrumentation interview questions and answers free download high pressure grinding rolls in gold treatment
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