Changing color hair is popular this summer -ombre hair tutorial for black hair picked dying, part dying, and so many kinds of dying color are on the head, and it has the effect to thin your face. How to dye changing color hair? Super pink, a little pink inside the red which makes you the point among others, then I will share the course with you.   Steps:   One: first put the colorful dying powder and peroxide into to the bowl with 1: 1   Two: then stir it evenly with brush   Three: put the disposable gloves, and dye hair as you like. Please be quick when dying, because the powder is easy to dye color. Besides, when make colored changing, do not be tight in the connection color, just do a little work. Pour it into the bowl with the proportion as yle =’ mso-bidi-font-size:10.5pt;color:black'>1   Four: you can wash it after 15 minutes, do not use the soap to wash hair, you can use some nutritional hair conditioner.      Changing color makes your hair different   This is the dyed shape, pink effect, shining color, it’s beautiful!   This year lots of European stars and hot people online choose pink as dying’ s first choice. Whether big square dying or small, pink always highlights your skin color, and gives a fresh impression.Buy China wholesale products from on DHgate which is a leading B2B e-Commerce marketplace that has revolutionized global online trade with China
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