Who knows, 12 months later, in 2011 went up record sales of industrial lasers as a perfect ending? This year it happened? Most market analysts fear that the global economy will fall into a second recession. Our life is always filled with all kinds of news media coverage of the economic difficulties, the high United States unemployment rate, the countries of the euro area, the Chinese government has strict regulations for inflation. If that was not enough, we also subjected to cruel consequences of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan friends and colleagues, these natural disasters, resulting in energy supplying countries suffered heavy losses, forced a few months command power. This time facing enough difficulties that some analysts point prestigious global economy may fall into recession in the second conclusion. But what about the results? All that was not the case. Sometimes seems more serious, so that people can not feel at ease to get by, but in the end we arrived efforts. After all this, more and more exciting each quarter from the industrial sector of the new laser. Over time, the situation becomes more exciting at the end of the third quarter, the publication and others are increasingly believe that 2011 promises to be a great success this year. Far ahead of other industries, accounted for the largest share of the market analysts predict the winner broke, many companies are writing their own success story. Although we constantly ask: In a mixed economy, the manufacturing sector continues to grow and gain market share, why this occurs? Then there is around us, and some economists, and in the past by consumer demand for food and household items and spending to stimulate the economy, and now shift their buying habits for non- essential. Seems to be quite the first two years of public restrictions, saying, \\ u0026 ldquo; lifted the threat of a recession, when we buy a new car now. \\ U0026 rdquo; And they did that. 2011 was a record year, similar to the years before the recession, when sales of new cars in North America, primarily because of the small SUV and light truck sales rebound. We obtained excellent results on the laser market last year for the analysis, found in semiconductors and medical devices on the market emerged from the shadow of recession and become stronger and more profitable, is expected to grow in the future. And other industries, such as the energy industry (traditional and alternative energy) is gradually expanding and investing in fixed equipment. Land transport and space also received booming because airlines can not control the plane, the engine speed was quite fast. Who automotive wisely to focus on developing chips for a simpler model, production, sales are also booming. The pillars of the market, such as metal products, aerospace, industry, microelectronics, including many small and medium companies are investing in capital equipment. Summaryshould be celebrated industrial laser sales last year for a record harvest, while the Ministry of selling phone stopped ringing, we did not experience the same 12 months in 2008 disaster. As shown in Table 1, the industrial laser industry has experienced strong double-digit growth for two consecutive years, in 2011 we saw the laser system to break the ceiling $ 7,000,000,000 sales industry, Creating a record of nearly $ 7.1 billion over the station mark. Sales of lasers are also up 12% from 2008 in record numbers, nearly $ 2 billion high. 36 2011 financial reports shows the company that are profitable industry leader, many companies hit the most record sales and profits. In each industry atmosphere filled with optimism Area, the number of visitors to the scene hit a new record, buyers are willing to command the stage, which greatly inspired the trust of many registrar companies. Until the last months of 2011, some orders, a leading full orders received during the first quarter of 2012 supplier is also a constant flow, the production line has begun. \\ U003cP style = 'text-align: center' \\ u003e \\ u003cp style = 'text-align: center' \\ u003e Table 1 selling industrial laserTable 1 shows a summary # ### the past four years, sales of lasers and laser systems, we can see that after the economic recession (2009), the industry began to recover and grow rapidly, and reached a new high in 2011 2012 should be of moderate expansion. Figure 1 shows the industrial laser Over the past 25 years, the annual growth rate of more classic appearance compound, showing a notorious \\ u0026 ldquo; Hooks and rdquo; curve, which comprises a catastrophic recession is 12.52% of the typical negative growth. \\ U003cP style = 'text-align: center' \\ u003e \\ u003cp style = 'text-align: center' \\ u003e Figure 1 Growth of industrial lasers incredible yes in 2010 sales of laser systems has exceeded the previous high point in 2008, and the laser turnover is virtually unchanged from the 2008 record, the highest point in 2011 compared to an increase of 12% again . In 2009 felt ldquo \\ u0026; pain of recession and rdquo; gradually disappeared. As shown in Table 2, the total income of all types of lasers in the world, CO2, fiber and other (Diode / excimer) laser in 2011 has kept growing at double figures, the fiber laser is achieved 48% growth, mainly due to the sale of the aspects of cutting sheet metal equipment high power laser which is currently a relatively new market. The mode of slow growth before selling semiconductor lasers to keep the recession has weakened the fiber lasers and lamp-pumped solid state lasers pumped by diode marking and micromachining selling equipment. It now appears that the marking system fiber laser is essentially based on the price to boost sales-oriented consumer market, if sellers turn their attention to the computer market \\ u0026 mdash; \\ U0026 mdash; This has long been a leading provider of market solid state laser. TRUMPF (SPI), a company Rofin (Nufern / Lasag), Coherent Inc. and American Corporation Newport / Spectra-Physics (High Q) are the main suppliers of this market, only the last two can meet sales changes to write this article because they do not provide the fiber lasers. \\ U003cP style = 'text-align: center' \\ u003e \\ u003cp style = 'text-align: center' \\ u003e Table 2 lasers sales worldwide; Table 3 global sales of laser systemsSales of low power lasers CO2 in Asia (China) as the center continues to grow, but the competition and end users of the price pressure, prompting the sales profit in sales volume to maintain. Although shipments of thousands of units, the result is quite thin. Sales of CO2 high power lasers harvested surprising 14% of the increase, the main buyers of systems cutting sheet metal or the treatment plant, they try to finance environmental credit crunch. Even cutting market sheet was increased sales of high-power fiber lasers erosion, long rooted in this sector CO2 market system is an increase of 13%. In metalworking Annual Exhibition of the American