Recently, a corporation named Edison Junior developed a creative Wi-Fi doorbell called DoorBot. When someone is ringing the DoorBot, it can transfer video or voice to smart phones through Wi-Fi. Right now, the company is looking for at least 0.25 millions funds on Christie Street. Through the DoorBot, the house master can see who stand on the door and talk with the visitor through the DoorBot. However, there is not a display on DoorBot, so the visitors before the door can’t see where the house master locates at. So, even you are working or in a trip, the DoorBot can express a false scent that the master is in. When the express service is sending you a package, you can tell the courier where to place your package. DoorBot will be powered by 4 units’ AA battery within one year. If the battery is in low power, it will notice the users to change battery. And the camera on DoorBot will be used infrared Technology, so even it is in the dark night, the master still can see the visitor clearly. At the beginning usage, the user needs to download a free app for IOS or Android systems, and connected with the wireless network in your house, then it can connect with your mobile devices. In addition, DoorBot is compatible with Lockitron, so the master can lock or unlock the locker with a smart phone. With this function, the house master can open the door without walking to the door. Source: Creative Gadgets