oflaser cutting boards to clean tanks and the lens care replacement of water and cleaning recommended a tank every week to clean Replacing the tank and water 2 shares, note that prior to operation of the machine must ensure that the laser tube filled with circulating water. Circulation water quality and the water temperature directly affects the life of the laser tube, it is recommended to use pure water, and the water temperature is controlled below 35 ℃. If more than 35 ℃ need to replace the circulating water or add ice cubes to the water to reduce the temperature of the water (we recommend the user to select the cooling machine, or use two tanks). Cleaning tank : first switch off, disconnecting the inputs, pipes, allowing water to flow automatically into the laser tube within the tank, the open tank, remove the puyang alat yang digunakan untuk menentukan jumlah kalsium karbonat yang digunakan dalam batu kapurmp, remove the dirt on the pump. The clean, replace a good flow of water tank, the pump returns to the tank, connect the insertion pump intake pipe, joints together. The pump is powered separately and run for 2-3 minutes (cycle laser tube filled with water). Two, a lens cleaning is recommended every job before cleaning equipment must have three mirrors in the state and engraving machine off a focusing mirror (the reflecting mirror of a laser emission exiting the tube, which is the upper left corner of the machine, the beam 2 to the left end of the mirror, the mirror 3,penggilingan kering bijih besi the laser head is fixed on the upper part of the focusing lens of the laser head of the lower portion of the lens barrel can be set), the laser is reflected by the focusing lens of the emitted by the laser head. Objective easily stained with dust or other contaminants, resulting in loss or damage to the lens of the laser, the 1st and 2nd goal during the cleaning Needless remove, simply wipe cloth and a thorough cleaning paper fluid target for along the center of the rotating lens wipe tip. The third and goal focusing mirror must be removed from the frame in the same way, after wiping completed its origins in. 2 Attention: ① gently wipe the lens should not damage the surface coating; ② deletion process should gently to prevent falls; ③ focuses installing mirror sure to keep concave down.