Ben Hogan's golf secret has been widely discussed over the last 50 years by many golf professionals, teachers and hobbyists. Mr. Hogan was plagued by some wild hooks in his day, so he set upon a course to eliminate the left side of the golf course. His golf instruction book clearly identified his supination of the ulna and radial bones in his left hand as the key to getting rid of his dreaded hooks. Certainly, the changes he made in his grip were vital to keeping the hooks to a minimum, and he also employed a slight fade on his shots therefore not wishing to hook any shots unless he was forced by the design of the particular hole. He gave very few golf lessons in Florida but took a few students under his wing such as Gardner Dickinson and several other pros but only briefly in his golf career with 913 titleist driver . He did not like golf instruction as he felt he had dug his answers out of the ground and thought other players should have to also. If he did give golf lessons to a few, it was very course and his attitude was one of perfection since he was such a great player on the PGA tour. He gave golf lessons in Florida at a course in Fort Lauderdale and Pine Tree club in Boynton Beach . Many have tried to teach Hogan's system but the mystery of his secret is widely debated Some relate to his advise on the hip turn through the ball but that did not specifically address the club face of clubs from 913 d3 driver for sale online shop. His illustrations in the book Five Fundamentals, a classic book on golf instruction, display the technique in vivid detail. Some of the players who have employed Hogan's Ideas about his bowed left wrist through impact are Lee Trevino, Johnny Miller, Fuzzy Zoeller, Phil Michelson and even Tigers Woods. Woods' his stinger shot is an example of the firm impact that the wrist of the left hand and arm. This idea stabilizes the left wrist not allowing the breakdown and closing of the club face at impact. The best golf instruction drill to employ this golf technique is the double overlap grip used by US open Champion Jim Furyk. When hitting a chip or pitch shot, the strike and hold method is the best golf exercise or drill in golf teaching to resemble that idea. It is an abrupt finish, some just call a hold shot, but the term does not matter. The technique is like a punch shot with very little follow through the ball thereby offering the golfer maximum control of the face of the club.
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