Chavez, the disease also affects the nerves of the Latin American countries, has long been known for its distinct anti-American, if he can continue to "fight" to go, it is particularly important in the growing Latin American countries, the United States centrifugal force.Every Zhang Yimou's new film release, is bound to be something to do with the "Oscar", Zhang Weiping also happy to talk about Zhang Yimou vision for the Oscar. Zhang Weiping said Oscar topic, Zhang Yimou sometimes sat next to silent, as if in for Zhang Weiping speech for endorsement. Now turn to Zhang Yimou alone to face the media, his Oscar rhetoric with Zhang Weiping on behalf speech content is completely different. Zhang said, the word "red Austrian media always on him, which made him feel helpless. "It's like I'm healthy and strong, Duan Zhaoqiang directed the Oscar went to rest until I am long past the age of winners, now completely not the focus of the award-winning, and do not be too seriously the Oscar theme preferences shooting released cycle, jury members and the President of the background, at previous award-winning films impact and limitations of this award-winning works ... you count, however, there are too many uncertain factors you can not control. "original" Thirteen Girls in Jinling "released on the occasion, Zhang Cheap Supra Shoes is not to say a website interview, he revealed that Zhang Yimou's Oscar ambitions. "Said Zhang Yimou's ultimate goal is Oscar Straight, the three major awards in Europe are not as Oscar, even better Oscar half. Kind of unique pride and honor of the filmmakers, can best embodied, it is Oscar." For some time ago the hubbub of the Ministry of Railways astronomical promo event, Zhang Yimou said: "In any case, I am most in need of the word --- regression!" said Zhang, commercials 250 million in compensation, although not illegal, but he has thought, or the return of the relevant departments, movie either donated to institutions as a teaching fund. For the next phase of work, Cheap Supras goal is simple: "spell at the box office and the young generation of directors that unrealistic; selection of the company's new signing, (I) do not want to be their cash cow; I wish to return, there is a harmonious authoring environment, as far as possible without too many constraints, interference and coerced to refine all of its own energy, quietly earnest shoot a few of their favorite theme. "Previously, Zhang Yimou won the Mumbai Film Festival in India" Lifetime Achievement Award " and by the fans crazy Starchaser Film Festival.
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