Golf swing problems are so common today that most people may even accept it as being a part of golf and most may try to fix them in a traditional way, which is to get guidance from an instructor, who may find the flaws, but may not actually be able to address the root causes. The main problem with fixing golf swing problems is to get to the root cause of the problem and not try and rectify them by making adjustments, since unless you get to what causes the problem, it may disappear temporarily and resurface once more after sometime. You can be sure that many of the golf swing problems that golfers encounter are attributable to the mechanics of the golf swing with cheap golf clubs , and the body may be the biggest culprit in this regard. Thus, you need to address the physical aspects more than try and adjust your golf swing to get over your golf swing problems. For example, if you are unable to maintain your posture and one of the reasons for this may be because your hamstrings are much too tight and also too weak, and this is a very common problem that most golfers will face; more so, the seniors amongst golfers. When you have the proper golfing posture, you will need to bend at the hips, that strain the hamstrings as well as low back, and when hamstrings are tighter than is necessary, the brain will try and get the body to come out of the uncomfortable position. Thus, in spite of what an instructor may tell you about how to get a better posture, the problem is actually physical and no matter how many hundreds of dollars you spend on getting advice from an instructor, you need to address the hamstrings first to get rid of your golf swing problems.